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2 Pairs of STRAPLESS CLIP-ON STYLE Pants Support Pads.

We manufacture Soft Rubber Pads with the High Gripping Power for people that DO or DO NOT want to wear a belt or want more support than the belt gives.

These 2 1/4" x 3 1/2" pads are placed into the inside of the pants. The clips attach to the waistband of the pants.

When the pants waistband presses against the pads it causes the pads to grip onto the shirt or body if the shirt is not tucked in.

Position the Pads wherever you want but we have found placing them in front and behind each hip is the best.

If you find you only need two or three Pads to do the job then that is all you need to use.


Two Sets of TWO CLIP-ON Supports.  Retail $19.99 for Two PKS of TWO Clip On Supports.

2 Pairs of Pads with Chromed  Smooth Strong Gripping, Non Ripping Stainless Steel Oval Nose Clips.