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3000 Volt Insect Zapper TIZ3
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TIZ-3 U.S. PATENTED HANDHELD INSECT ZAPPER- Over 36,000 Sold. Many More features than Our Original Zapper!

ONE OF OUR HUNDREDS OF REVIEWS That Made Me Smile! (Jim Mars-Inventor)

This isn't any mamby - pamby misquito/gnat wacker, oh no. You have trouble with that extra large carpenter bee or maybe it's a paper wasp or better yet a bumble bee. Maybe flys are bothering you ? Common flys or is it deer flys and yep even those maginum horse flys. Your covered. Nothing better than turning that fly that won't leave you alone into dust. First theres that loud ker-pow letting you know you've made contact (great for you/ your target- not so much. I had a large queen carpenter bee take a hit and it droped it onto the racket face where it took 5-6 more hits and it actually lit it up! This is the real deal with some interesting facts to boot. Did you know that flys lift off toward the rear? Want to keep your patio clear? Hang it up, turn on the light within and let the fireworks begin. Got a stinkbug in the corner? Use the prong at the topside edge and you have sinks no more. I don't know if it is so effective or so much fun that makes me like it so much. Getting retrubutration on that fly that's had the upper hand till now is worth twice the price. Get one and you'll have fun evening the score with a ker-pow!


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