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These 3 1/2" x 2 1/4" x 1/4" thick pad fits ALL furniture legs because the leg just sits on it. This Stop-Slide does not have to match the shape or size of the leg. No Glue is needed. No attachment o f any kind except the pressure from the weight of the furniture.

Stop-Slides STOPS Sofas, Love Seats, Large Chairs, Recliners, In-line Furniture, Beds and High Speed Washing Machines from moving or sliding in any direction. WORKS WITH ANY SHAPE OR SIZE FURNITURE LEG. 

STOP-Slides grip securely on all types of flooring, including High Polish wood floors, Ceramic Tile, Vinyl's, and Carpet. If you lay a Stop-Slide on a high polish floor you could push it across the floor with your finger, but now put your finger on it and try to push it. It will not move- it is locked to the floor.

STOP-Slides protect your floor from being scratched from the movement of the furniture legs.

Stop-Slides do not leave any marks of any kind on the floor in fact they can be used as an eraser to remove black marks you may have on your floor now.

Installation is easy - Just Lift the corner of the furniture and Slide the pad under the leg.

NO Glue is needed because of the natural adhesion caused when any pressure is put on the pad's surface.

Stop-Slides are removable and reusable. When re-arranging furniture lift one corner of the furniture and take out the Stop-Slide from under that leg and then lift the next corner. After removing all four pads, move your furniture then put the Pads back under the legs in the new location to again stop movement.

Protect your walls and furniture from damage by not allowing the Couch, Reclining Chair or Large Chair or Bed from making contact with it.

Also great for taking care of the wobbly table. Use as many as needed under one or two legs to make up for the gap between the floor and the bottom of the leg.

Stop-Slide Pads have a plate of Poly-Carbonate in the center between two layers of soft extremely strong gripping rubber which makes the holes that are on both sides of the soft rubber act like suction cups. The center plate adds rigidity to the soft gripping, non-marking rubber.

We tested Round Shape versus the oval shape and found the oval shape to be the best choice. The oval non-skid pads are installed in a perpendicular direction to the wall or sofa; they will stop the furniture from sliding sideways or front to back even when jumping into the furniture or slamming down the foot rest on your reclining chair when getting up.

Also placing the pads in the perpendicular direction a small oval end is all that is seen and that is when you have no skirting. If you have skirting on the furniture nothing is seen. They grip tightly to any dry surface no matter how shiny or slippery or how smooth the surface is! Even works on any kind of carpet that is attached to the floor. As we mentioned in the first sentence we do have pads with the ends cut off for non-skirted furniture. They still grip amazingly well but not quite as good as the full oval.

Another Use for Stop-Slides is for Wall Mounted Pictures.

If a STOP-Slide is placed at the bottom center of a small picture frame it will keep it from moving and it will protect the wall. Larger pictures need one placed on each end of the bottom frame. They stop movement just from the pressure exerted between the wall and the back of the frame.

Another use for Stop-Slides is to stop Washing Machines from moving, the hard part is getting the Stop-Slides on the back legs.